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Values and the Complementarity of Housing Spaces

Ognjen Čaldarović
Slavko Dakić
Fedor Kritovac
Vladimir Lay

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str. 67-74

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Housing problems of young people (pupils, students, young working people) as well as broader aspects of housing problems are dealt with in this paper. In the first part, the authors give a warning about the still insufficiently defined criteria of use value of housing space as complex categories, and about the basic technologizing of discussions of housing problems at the level of a simple satisfaction of basic human needs. The idea is presented about the need for a more complex approach to the analysis of the structure of housing space from the standpoint of the values of individual components which make up a dynamic »picture« of housing space. In this sense, comments are made on the basic results of a study which was conducted during the last two years in a population of pupils, students and young workers, and which has since been published as a book [Problemi stanovanja mladih (The Housing Problems of Youth), CDD, Zagreb, 1978].
The authors are particularly informed about the »picture of housing space« and they assert that it is complementary. That is, in addition to »physical« characteristics, an evaluation of the quality of given housing space is also dependent on many »experiential« characteristics (the opportunity to independently perform various activities, the degree of isolation, the degree to which the space is disturbance-free, etc.). The basic conclusion which is drawn is the following: perception of housing space is complementary and relatively indivisible. In other words, if there is a clear disharmony between individual elements which complete the »picture of housing space«, it is then difficult to talk about quality. This is likewise the case when individual elements of the »picture« are substandard.

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