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Some Indicators of Spatial Social Differentiation and Social Segregation of Zagreb Population in 1971.

Ognjen Čaldarović ; Odsjek za sociologiju, Filozofski fakultet Zagreb, Đure Salaja 3

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Analyzing processes of social segregation and differentiation in the area of a town, dealing in that way with a problem present nowadays equally in bigger towns all over the world and in Jugoslavia, we have taken as a starting point the hypothesis that the socially better relationship is the one, in which the degree of »mixing« the individual structures of inhabitants on basic of different systems of distribution (e, g. on basic of the degree of schooling, degree of qualification) is being greater, and vice versa. By means of analysis, it has been established that in the area of Zagreb, social segregation and differentiation have been considerably present, with regard to the structuring of inhabitants with different degrees of schooling and qualification. Segregation is mostly resulting from an unequal presence of inhabitants with higher degree of schooling and higher degree of qualification, in the area of the town, meaning that the inhabitants of these categories have been aggregated, and have inhabited just some parts of the town. In all other parts, the presence of inhabitants of the mentioned category, has been just symbolic, and the presence of dichotomy category (the least qualified and the least educated town-inhabitants) has been considerably greater.
As has been affirmed, the established segregation can be established by observing some other characteristics (e. g. standard of dwelling), and it may be connected with the segregation established in the way earlier mentioned, what makes the situation even more difficult.
The first step in attempting to solve the arising problems is to accept, consciously, the reality of the existing segregation in the town area, and the second one is valuable and conscious aiming of means and initiatives of a wider community, at systematic and progressive equalization of the living conditions for all town-inhabitants. We should start with those being in the baldest and the most imperiled situation — the inhabitants with the existentialist necessities still not satisfied.

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