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Congruencies in the language of the letters of the Radonjić family serdars and governors of Montenegro (1706- 1828)

Miloš Krivokapić orcid id ; Filološki fakultet u Nikšiću, Univerzitet Crne Gore

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The letters of the Radonjić serdars and governors of Montenegro, written in the 18th century and the first three decades of the 19th century, greatly reflect the situation in the local dialectal base. This research compares the original versions of these letters with letters written by the Radonjić family's predecessors and contemporaries from the same ethno-linguistic area, with the language of Jovan Rajić and Vuk Karadžić, and with the language of 19th century Montenegrin literature, as well as with Montenegrin dialects and the contemporary Montenegrin language. The letters of Radonjić serdars and governors are written in the Cyrillic alphabet and in the folk language, which belongs to the group of old Montenegrin dialects. Gender, number, case, and subject-verb agreement in these letters are not always congruent with the situation in the contemporary literary language, which is to be expected as the language used in the letters is based on Montenegrin dialectal features. Congruencies in Montenegrin speeches and the 18th and 19th century Montenegrin written language, and the language of the letters written by the Radonjić family serdars and governors is characterized mostly by natural agreements, although grammatical congruencies are noted as well.

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grammatical agreement, semantic agreement, subject, nouns, numbers, adverbs

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