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An investigation of attitudes towards air-conditioning of offices

B. Šverko ; Odsjek za psihologiju Filozofskog fakulteta, Zagreb
Ž. Vukmirović ; USIZ za zapošljavanje, Sisak

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str. 323-332

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An 18-item Thurstone type scale was developed to measure attitude towards air-conditioning practice. The scale was administered to a sample (N = 198) of users of a large and new air-conditioned office building. The results showed that more than two thirds of respondents evidenced the negative attitude towards air-conditioning practice of their offices. At the same time the objective measurements of the temperature, humidity and air-circulation revealed that the values obtained in their offices are within the comfortable range. In the further analysis the attitude-scale scores were related to the following variables: age, sex and educational level of respondents, their general attitude towards the change and innovation, the length of their experience with air-conditioning practice, the type of the office building they used before and the density of their present offices. This analysis supported the view that mostly psychological factors underlie the negative reactions towards air-conditioning practice.

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