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Structure determination of a fluorescent product of the alkaline hydrolysis of pralidoxime

M. Osmak ; Institut »Ruder Bošković«, Zagreb
A. Ferle-Vidović ; Institut »Ruder Bošković«, Zagreb
D. Petrović ; Institut »Ruder Bošković«, Zagreb

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In the examination of various cellular properties after the treatment of cells with a crude oil distillate unambiguous changes which would indicate that the treated cells adopted new elements of malignant behaviour were not found. The treated cells demonstrated neither a decreased contact inhibition nor an increased ability to develop tumours after they had been injected to irradiated mice. The rate and duration of cell growth in mono-layer cultures remained unchanged too. Positive findings related to the morphological changes observed in all treated cells, and to the acquired ability of C3Hf cells after the treatment to grow in soft agar and to develop tumours in mice. Since cellular radiosensitivity is largely determined by genetically reparative processes we also looked for changes in radiosensitivity of the cells which had been earlier exposed to the crude oil distillate. In the treated cultures changes in the shape of the survival curves were observed, what is attributed to the effect of the crude oil distillate on reparative processes.

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