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Language change in the local dialect of Grobnik

Sanja Zubčić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci Odsjek za kroatistiku
Darja Šupljika ; Graditeljska škola Čakovec

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This paper lists, describes, and analyses language changes in the modern
dialect of Grobnik with regard to phonology, morphology, and syntax. Certain
linguistic levels are more likely to change, as is shown by the analysis of
the collected data. Even though the most numerous innovations have been
recorded in terms of lexicon, the lexical level has been left out here because
lexicon is not a fundamental grammatical language structure and because it
represents a linguistic level which is most likely to change with regard to the
influence of foreign language elements. The fundamental corpus consists of
written texts of speakers of different generations dating from the twentyfirst
century and notes taken during the observation of everyday spoken language.
They are compared to the state described in twentieth-century speakers'
language, placed in the context of neighbouring Northwestern Čakavian
vernaculars, predicting future development.

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Croatian language, Čakavian dialect, dialect of Grobnik, language change, phonology

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