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First record of Acanthuridae (surgeonfish) from the Miocene deposits of the Medvednica Mt.

Kristina Tripalo ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Geological Department
Sanja Japundžić ; Croatian Natural History Museum
Jasenka Sremac ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Geological Department
Marija Bošnjak ; Croatian Natural History Museum

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Middle Miocene deposits at the Dubravica locality in SW Medvednica Mt. (N Croatia) contain various marine fossils, including one tooth of the surgeonfish (Acanthuridae). This is the first such record in Croatia and the second in the wider region, besides the Vienna Basin. The appearance of surgeonfishes in the Paratethys coincides with the Miocene thermal maximum. Their distribution was probably controlled by available reef habitat and their palaeobiogeography and migration routes are yet to be studied.

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Central Paratethys; Medvednica Mt.; Miocene; Badenian; Acanthuridae

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