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Systematic psychological and psychosocial support for women with breast cancer

Ljiljana Vukota ; Udruga žena oboljelih i liječenih od raka SVE za NJU
Lana Mužinić ; Klinika za psihijatriju Zdravstvenog veleučilišta, Klinička bolnica Dubrava

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The generally accepted knowledge about psychological and psychosocial support of oncology patients facilitates coping and adaptation to the disease, it is beneficial for the effect of therapy and improves the quality of life and rehabilitation. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in women. Systematic support can be carried out through institutional psycho-oncological teams in clinics that provide early intervention after diagnosis, and through further interventions simultaneous with the treatment of the malignant disease in the outpatient treatment. An important part of the system are civil society organizations that bring together patients with malignant diseases with the aim of providing psychological support. These organizations often play a significant role because they represent non-institutional forms of assistance and support and are thus an important support for women suffering from breast cancer. All these forms of support should be interconnected with the aim of systematic assistance from the detection of the disease and through later stages of the treatment. The paper focuses on the psychological aspects of treatment and rehabilitation of women suffering from breast cancer with an example of good practice in the provision of psychological and psychosocial care in accordance with the guidelines for oncological and plastic surgery treatment of breast cancer.

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psychological support, rehabilitation, breast cancer

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