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The possibilities of using pheromone and attractant traps in peach and nectarine protection

Josip Ražov ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Odjel za poljodjelstvo i akvakulturu Sredozemlja

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Peach and nectarine are well represented fruit species in the Republic of Croatia. According to the Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Croatia, the total production registered in 2008 was 6135 tons, which was the yield of 786500 trees. The average yield is 7.8 kg per tree, which is far below the economic threshold. Both peach and nectarine are pest and disease sensitive fruit species, thus they require a regular protection. Peach and nectarine pest and disease protection should be managed by integrated approaches exclusively, which is a standard procedure nowadays. In such production type it is necessary to use pheromone and attractant traps for pest monitoring and suppressing. In this paper we will show the possibilities of pheromone and attractant traps usage in peach and nectarine cultivation.

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Peach; nectarine; pests; traps; pheromones; attractants

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