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Problems of mechanical harvesting of lavender

Stjepan Sito ; fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zavod za mehanizaciju poljoprivrede
Nikola Bilandžija ; fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zavod za mehanizaciju poljoprivrede
Branimira Marić

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Considering the fact that lavender plantations have been set up more frequently in the last years, not only in coastal areas, but in continental areas as well, it is necessary to mechanize completely planting processes, plantation maintaining and flower picking. It is the only way to do some actions in time and in terms of quality, and what is the most important – to be competitive in price of the picked flowers and later of the lavender oil as well. This paper points out problems of mechanical harvesting of lavender, depending on the plantation size. Applying modern machines for picking lavender flowers largely affects picking on bigger plantations, minimum losses and evaporation of essential oils until the time of processing flowers in distilleries, which directly affects the quantity and quality of obtained oil.

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lavender plantation; soil maintaining; mechanical harvesting of lavender

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