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New Parameters for Roentgencephalometric Analysis “Zagreb 82 MOD”

Želimir Muretić
Marina Lapter-Varga

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New methods of orthodontic treatment and a wider use of fixed orthodontic appliances in Croatia, together with the use of computers for orthodontic diagnosis, has lead to a need for new parameters in the roentgencephalometric analysis „Zagreb 82 MOD“.
Craniograms from the Department of Orthodontics School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb served for defining10 new parameters. These parameters were statistically analyzed, and the mean values and standard deviations added to the roentgencephalometric analysis for the Croatian population.
The aim of the investigation was also to obtain parameters that change during growth. The results are shown as „norms“ for the new analysis „Zagreb 82 MOD2“.
The most significant changes during growth were found in the variable representing the inclination of the upper and lower occlusal plane in relation to the anterior cranial base, which could be explained by the significant increase in posterior facial height in relation to anterior facial height, as well as the overall pattern of growth of the viscerocranium.

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roentgencephalometria, parameters

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