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Journals from the Field of Dental Medicine in available Databases with Full-text: Uniform Content and Technology

Mira Bačić
Zagorka Majstorović

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Electronic journals have become an indispensable source of scientific information. Their advantage compared to the printed journals is that they are available to all interested users at the same time, before the printed version, and are not necessarily tied to the location of the library. As one of the fundamental roles of the librarian during the process of dissemination of scientific and professional information is to guarantee users the information they need and when they need it, librarians endeavour to inform users of available electronic sources. The aim of this study was to systematise journals from the field of dental medicine by a review of the journals accessible to the Croatian academic community in databases of articles in full-text in the National and University Library, and the libraries of scientific institutions and faculties, which are incorporated in sub-systems of the System of Scientific Information. Twenty-six journals were selected from the field of dental medicine in aggregated databases of EBSCO Publishing, and the following chosen from the databases of the publisher: 7 titles of Kluwer Academic Publishing, 15 of Elsevier Science, 12 of Springer Verlag and 2 of John Wiley & Sons.

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journals from the field of dental medicine, databases with full articles

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