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Culture v. Nature: on Slavic and non-Slavic Origin of the Croats

Vladimir P. Goss ; Omladinska 14, Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Genetic research in Croatia, in particular by Professors Jurić and
Primorac, has indicated that the current population of Croatia is 50%
heir to the original population (haplo group I “Croatian”), 25% Slavic
(R1A “Slavic”) and 25% “the rest,” wherein the most prominet is the
“Basque”group (R1B). What could this mean for humanist and social
science reserach in Croatiai? Not much as the natural genes do not play
a key role in the formation of cultural markers – the language and culture.
Still, there is room for joint ventures, but in order to launch them we
need first of all mutual understanding and tolerance. As Blaise Pascal
nicely said around 1650, we possess either l’esprit de finesse (humanities)
or l’esprit de géometrie (natural sciences), and those two kinds of
«spirit» do not relate well. Luckily there have been, throughout history,
from Aristotle to Einstein, quite a few people who possessed both, Pascal
hinself being a splendid exemple of such versatile mind.

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Genetics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Croatian culture, Slavic Studies, Early Middle Ages

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