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The Returns to Philology between Game and Commentary

Zvonimir Glavaš orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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str. 19-32

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The famous call for the return to philology, sounded by Paul de Man in 1982, started a whole new genre of discussion concerning that topic, which lasted throughout the following decades. Gathering divers recognized discussants, the discussion questioned the status and future of philology as a discipline and manifested its complexity and importance for the contemporary humanities. This text will primarily try to contribute to the understanding of that discussion by examining its significant examples in relation to two heuristic concepts that frame the opposite border-points of one aspect of understanding philology - game and commentary. While emphasizing the importance which positioning between those two poles presents for philology, the text questions the stability of that binary opposition which differentiates various “returns to philology”, i. e. aims to demonstrate that the ambivalences, which the discussion tried to solve, are an inherent feature of philology, caused by the nature of language as its primary object of expertise.

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philology, return to philology, commentary, (language) game, language, meaning

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