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Genesis and Exploitation of Gravel and Sand from Lake Šoderica

Dragutin Feletar ; Koprivnica

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Rich sediments of sand and gravel in the valley of Drava River, including Podravina region nearby Lake Šoderica, were accumulated by fluvial erosion in the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. In some places, these deposits are over 200 meters thick, and the depth of layers depends on the recent tectonic movements. Geomorphologic landscape of the area of Lake Šoderica had been forming during the Holocene, especially by meandering of Drava river. The paper provides an assessment of sand and gravel deposits, a thorough historical-ecological review of gravel/sand exploitation in the period from 1868 to the present day, as well as well as the environmental opportunities and tourism valorization of Lake Šoderica.

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sand; Šoderica; Holocene flat; geological genesis; exploitation; ecological status; Drava river

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