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The Structure, Properties and Opinions of Visitors to Šoderica in 2015

Petar Fijačko orcid id ; Koprivnica

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Šoderica, lakeside recreational destination in the vicinity of Koprivnica, and structure, characteristics and attitudes of its visitors, are the main subject of this research. With the purpose of contributing to a better guidance for future development of Šoderica, a field study was conducted to determine the socio-demographic structure of visitors, their motives and activities engaged, space-time features of their recreational mobility and their attitudes regarding recreational attraction base and offer, as well as the recreational potential of Šoderica. The survey has been conducted by the method of convenience sampling and altogether 100 visitors have been surveyed, which included those who are not permanent residents of Šoderica. Most respondents are part of adult population, have secondary education and urban settlement is place of their permanent residence. Respondents usually visit Šoderica several times a year or often during the summer months, both on weekdays and weekends, and most often spend a few hours or all day on Šoderica. Swimming and relaxation are the main motives of arrival, while sports and recreational activities are the main activities engaged. Respondents were most satisfied with the natural environment as a whole, as well as its components, but expressed dissatisfaction with the hospitality facilities and sports and recreational facilities. The main advantage of Šoderica are benefits of the lake. The biggest disadvantage is neglect of space for a prolonged period. Šoderica has great potential, and its future development must be based on a multidisciplinary management approach which will integrate all the important aspects and features of recreational activities, using the advantages and
redeeming its disadvantages.

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survey; visitors' attitudes; recreation; Šoderica

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