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Status of Bird Fauna and the Appearance of Alien Invasive Species at Šoderica Lake

Krunoslav Arač ; Hrvatske šume, Koprivnica

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Monitoring of avifauna on lake Šoderica from 1989 is presented in the paper. Total of 43 species of
birds have been registered from which 41 are observed directly, and two are adduced accordingly to
previous papers. There are 13 species of nesting birds (six are regular and seven are irregular or
infrequent), from which six are resident species and seven are migratory. Regarding migratory species, nine are regular and 15 arrive irregularly or infrequent. During wintering there are nine regular species, where 13 arrive irregularly or infrequent. Highest number of species is recorded during wintering. According to category of endangerment (IUCN), one species is critically endangered, four are endangered, four are vulnerable, four are almost endangered, least concerning are 22 species, and three species are not suitable for estimation. Significant impact on occurrence of birds holds the anthropogenic effect due to lack of larger natural habitats and suitable feeders. During bird watching since 2010., there have been registered three new invasive species. By printing convenient leaflets it is necessary to avert attention to negativity of releasing invasive species and sustaining their advancement to new areas. It is necessary to establish plans as soon as possible in order to
solve the previously noted issues.

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avifauna; new invasive species; Šoderica lake

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