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Pre-Industrial Processing of Iron: Indicators of Smelting Activities in the Case of Archaeological Sites in the Drava

Tajana Sekelj Ivančan ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb

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The paper describes the indicators of smelting activities encountered at archaeological sites of Podravina, primarily the iron being processed. These are the surface deposits of smelting slag refuse, larger pieces of broken furnace and fragments of ceramic nozzle. The paper provides a detailed list of their characteristics and the exterior of these findings. Based on previous experiences and conducted archaeological excavations of two sites near Virje, the existence and distribution of similar indicative surface findings in the vicinity has been established; a preliminary conclusion is being made, that the smelting industry had existed in a greater area of Hlebine. By comparing it to the similar situation with the Hungarian part of river Drava region we establish that these lowlands along Drava had been very suitable for smelting activities, most probably during, concluded the benefits of this area in the valley
of the river Drava in the smelting industry, most likely during Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

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Virje; Hlebine; surface deposits; iron processing; slag; nozzles; melting; forging

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