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Implementation of multi-criterial analysis to selecting the optimal method for intrinsic vulnerability assessment of karst aquifers

Jelena Loborec ; Geotehnički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Bojan Đurin ; Geotehnički fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Methods for natural vulnerability assessment are based on the assumption that natural physical, chemical and biological characteristics of an aquifer system can provide some level of groundwater protection from pollution. The problem of the implementation of different vulnerability assessment methods in one area is due to relatively large differences in their final results as a consequence of certain subjectivity in assessments as well as dana availability. For these reasons, increasingly more attention is paid to the implementation of appropriate methods to verify the results of vulnerability assessments, which all starts out with the selection of an optimal method. This paper will present the results of the implementation of four vulnerability assessment methods (SINTACS, EPIK, PI and COP) to a Croatian karst aquifer, the basin of the Jadro and Žrnovnica springs. This will be followed by the presentation of implementation of the multi-criterial analysis procedure by means of the PROMETHEE method which took into consideration different characteristic of individual methods. In this manner, the attempt was made to rank and select the most acceptable method for the implementation in the investigated area. Thus presented procedure could serve as a standard method for selecting the optimal method to be used in the investigated area with the purpose to verify the results of the natural vulnerability assessment of karst aquifers.

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intrinsic vulnerability, karst aquifer, Jadro, Žrnovnica, multi-criterial analysis, verification

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