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Assessments of cognitive status of dementia patients

Tkalčić Mladenka
Pokrajac-Bulian Alessandra
Bosanac Daša
Tomić Zoran

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The aim of this investigation was adaptation of Mattis's Dementia Rating Scale and comparison of results among patients with Alzheimer and other types of dementia. Participants were 15 pa-tients (5 women and 10 men) ages 58 to 85. Among them 5 patients diagnosed as having Alz-heimer's type of dementia and 10 diagnosed as other type dementia (vascular and others). The findings showed appropriate reliability and validity and usefulness of the used measure for neu-ropsychological assessment as well as for following disease progression. Comparisons among patients with Alzheimer and other types of dementia indicated significant differences on all used subscales. The results support the need for collecting norms on healthy elderly subjects and on patients as having various types of dementia.

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dementia, Mattis's Dementia Rating Scale

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