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Behaviors and Knowledge of Croatian Seamen and Nautical Students about Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Rosanda MULIĆ
Melita MULIĆ

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The aim of the study was to assess the behaviors and
knowledge of Croatian seamen and nautical students about
sexually transmitted diseases. The study was performed by
use of an anonymous questionnaire. The study sample
included 482 subjects (37.8% of them officers, 27.4%
nautical students, and 34.8% other crew members).
Comparison was performed on a dual basis, i.e. according
to the level of education and age. Study results revealed the
highest rate of infection with a sexually transmitted disease at
least once in a lifetime in the group of other crew members
(54.8%), followed by the group of officers (23.1%), whereas
the lowest rate was recorded among nautical students
(4.5%). The group of other crew members were most willing
to have sexual affairs in spite of having a steady partner
(82.1%), followed by officers (70.3%) and nautical students
(53%), the differences being statistically significant. The
highest level of knowledge about sexually transmitted
diseases was recorded in the group of nautical students,
followed by officers and other crew members. The serious
epidemiological consequences of these unfavorable attitudes
and behavioral patterns are indicated by the fact that
seamen account for 15% of subjects suffering from the
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in Croatia,
however, there are no HIV+/AIDS infected nautical officers.
These data obviously point to the need of additional
education of seamen, especially those of a lower educational
level (other crew members), on sexually transmitted diseases.

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