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Beyond Speaker’s Meaning

Dan Sperber ; Central European University, Budapest, Hungary / Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France
Deirdre Wilson ; University College London, London, United Kingdom / Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo, Norway

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Our main aim in this paper is to show that constructing an adequate theory of communication involves going beyond Grice’s notion of speaker’s meaning. After considering some of the difficulties raised by Grice’s three-clause definition of speaker’s meaning, we argue that the characterisation of ostensive communication introduced in relevance theory can provide a conceptually unifi ed explanation of a much wider range of communicative acts than Grice was concerned with, including cases of both ‘showing that’ and ‘telling that’, and with both determinate and indeterminate import.

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Communication, showing vs telling, paraphrasability, manifestness, ostension

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