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The (ab)use of the gifted. A short review of the responsibility of the gifted and their teachers

Dževdet Hadžiselimović

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The paper discusses the concept of the abuse of gifted people throughout human history, particularly in today’s ecologically devastating model of development. First the discussion groundwork is laid, thus opening the complex problem of the responsibility of the gifted and their teachers for changing the existing development paradigm into a new one, which would not only be founded on humanistic values but would also create ecologically more favourable conditions for the survival of life and humanity on Earth. Then the fundamental presuppositions of a different support system for the gifted during their development and education are presented in brief. This is followed by examining the possibility of a much more extensive humanistic education as the foundation of both the choice for and adoption of adequate values, which would in turn facilitate a utilisation of science, technology and technics far more acceptable than has recently been the case.

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the gifted, (ab)use, development model, education, support system, values, science, technology, technics, responsibility, humanistic idea

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