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The status of psychology in the media in Croatia and the obstacles in communication between science and the public

Joško Sindik

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The paper surveys the problems encountered in the relations between psychology as a science and the media promoting the insights of psychology. It also analyses the actual degree of representation of psychology in the media not only in Croatia but also globally, as well as the obstacles in communication between scientists and media representatives (created by scientists themselves, as well as the media). The question of which media is more suitable for communicating scientific insights in the field of psychology is also discussed. The paper concludes that there are significant ethical issues in making the insights of psychology accessible to the media, and that there are dilemmas that require systematic answers. There are countless approaches and strategies applied to the interaction between researchers and the media in the world – the paper also analyses the approaches and strategies applied in Croatia with respect to the field of psychology. Potential future steps towards a systematic harmonisation of communication between the media and psychology are presented. The initiative from the Second Congress of Croatian Scientists from the Homeland and Abroad may, in fact, be an excellent start.

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psychology; science; the media; interaction; communication

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