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Aleksandra Golubović ; Teologija u Rijeci - Katolički bogoslovni fakultet u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Filip Polegubić
Jelena Beno

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str. 135-154

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The article presents the basic guidelines of the pedagogy of saint don John Bosco, and its actuality: it is a model for an exemplary life and for an approach to young people. The contemporary pedagogy and philosophy of education have certain difficulties in respect to the education. Some of those problems are linked to the lack of educational authorities and appropriate methods of education. Don Bosco was exceptionally innovative and successful in his times. By his personal example he illustrated the profile of a genuine educator and his methods. Teaching by example was and remained one of the most successful methods of education, which don Bosco proved by practicing everything that he was teaching. One of his most efficient educational methods was love. Love educates, it is the most powerful means at hand of educators and teachers, and can notably contribute to the change and perfection of the educated. Love is the effort to do good to the other, to help him grow, giving a helping and caring hand to the totality of the existence of those that we educate. Therefore, we consider don Bosco’s methods efficient even today: they just need to be applied.

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don Bosco, education, prevention, love, teaching by example, fatherhood of education

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