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Parathion content in individual tissues of acutely poisoned rats

S. Vitorović ; Zavod za pesticide, INEP, Beograd-Zemun
S. Kapor ; Zavod za pesticide, INEP, Beograd-Zemun
N. Nešković ; Zavod za pesticide, INEP, Beograd-Zemun
Ana Žeželj ; Zavod za pesticide, INEP, Beograd-Zemun

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str. 151-154

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Parathion determinations were carried out in brain liver and muscle tissues of the rats poisoned by a single intraperitoneal injection, using gas-liquid chromatography. »Varian« chromatograph, model 2100-20, was used, equipped with a phosphorus detector. The column was packed with a mixture of two stationary phases (silicone oil DC-200 and OF-1) on Chromosorbe W-HMDS. No measurable quantities of parathion were found in the brain. During the first 60 minutes after the poison injection there was no parathion in the liver or abdominal muscles either. In longer time intervals, the detected quantities of parathion were in the range from 0.125 to 7.158 µg/g of the tissue.

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