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Valvasoria carniolica n.gen. n.sp., a Triassic Worm from Slovenia

T. Kolar-Jurkovšek
B. Jurkovšek

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Carnian limestones exposed from Mojstrana to Triglav (the highest Slovenian mountain), are very important biostratigraphically, and especially for the palaeogeographic interpretation of the Upper Triassic. Outcrops can be traced in the Vrata Valley extending in a narrow belt several kilometres in a north-eastward - eastward direction. A very quiet depositional environment, with reducing conditions at the sea floor, permitted the preservation of soft-bodied animals. Valvasoria carniolica is a new genus and species. It has a cylindrical body with an expanded anteriormost portion. The systematic position of Valvasoria is unknown, however it might be related to Nematoda or Sipunculida.

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Valvasoria carniolica n.gen. n.sp.; Triassic; Fossil worm; Nematoda; Sipunculida; Slovenia

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