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Daorsi coins and a contribution to the understanding of the circulation of coinage in Daorsi territory

Ivo Dragićević orcid id

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This article deals with Daorsi coinage, about
which little is known among broader circles of experts
and scholars. Based on an analysis of current knowledge
and unpublished numismatic finds, the author
provides new knowledge on the oldest circulation of
coins in Daorsi territory. The catalogue consists of
20 processed exponents of Greek, Italic and Illyrian
coins, which were minted from the 3rd to 2nd centuries
BC. Besides the Daorsi coins, the diverse numismatic
materials also include coins issued by the Illyrian ruler
Ballaios, the Macedonian King Antigonus Gonatas,
the Syracusan King Hiero II and the Spartan King
Cleomenes III, and by the Apulian city of Arpi and the
coins of Pharos.

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Daorsi, Daorsi coins, Daorson, Ballaios, Ošanjići

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