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Education and Upbringing as a Means of Manipulation in the Authoritarian Society in Ian McEwan’s The Child in Time

Milica Rađenović ; Fakultet za pravne i poslovne studije, Novi Sad, Srbija

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str. 169-184

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This paper analyses the role of education and upbringing in the authoritarian society in McEwan’s The Child in Time. The manipulation of upbringing and education allows covert encroaching on the family intimacies and the individual freedoms,altering the society and its set of values according to the wishes and desires of a small group of people who have power in their hands. McEwan uses the pervasiveness of upbringing as a social phenomenon to give a perfect insight into one society and its ideals. Upbringing has a key role in indoctrination and in forming the individual’s attitude toward authority. By describing the making of the alleged handbook for upbringing, which was commissioned by the Government, McEwan deals with the relationships between the system and the individual, between public and private, between individual freedoms and public interest.

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Democracy, family, individual, indoctrination, system

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