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In Situ Resonance Raman Spectroscopic Investigation of a Polypyrrole Modified Gold Electrode

H. R. Virdee ; Departmernt of Chemistry, University of York
R. E. Hester ; Departmernt of Chemistry, University of York

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Resonance Raman spectroseopy has been used in situ to study
polypyrrole (PP) modified gold electrodes. Broad bands observed
in the 1100-1600 cm" region of spectra of both oxidized (electrically
conducting) PP+ and the reduced insulating ppo forms have
been interpreted in terms of the highly disordered structure of
polypyrrole. Strong correlations between the band positions of
polypyrrole and 2,5-dialkyl substituted pyrroles are noted and
tentative assignments for polypyrrole bands are made from those
of the 2,5-dialkyl pyrroles. The wave numbers of bands at ea.
920-930, 1250-':1260and 1540-1550 cm? in the Raman spectra
of polypyrrole showa strong correlation with bands observed in
the Raman spectra of cis-polyacetylene. This suggests that the
conjugated carbon chain backbones in polypyrrole and cis-polyacetylene are similar.

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