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FT-IR Emission Spectra of Chemisorbed Species, with Application to Species Adsorbed on Alumina

J. Mink ; Institute of Isotopes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1525 Budapest, P. O. B. 77, Hungary
G. Keresztury ; Central Research Institute for Chemistry, H-1525 Budapest, P. O. B. 17, Hungary

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The principles of infrared emission spectroscopy are briefly
reviewed with emphasis on the aspects of its application to the
study of chemisorbed species. The ma in problems of sample preparation, selection of measurement conditions and the most suitable methods of data treatment are discussed. IR emittance spectra of two typical support materials for supported metal catalysts, alumina and silica, are presented. On the example of a rhenium complex, tetrakisttricarbonyl-us-hydroxo- rhenium), formed on alumina support in catalytic amounts (1.5 to 5% Re) it is shown that the four-measurement technique can lead to observation of the adsorbate bands also in the regions of high substrate emission (between 1300 and 400 cm-1).

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