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Copolymers of Bromine-Containing Monomers 9. Termopolymerization of Styrene, Acrylonitrile and Pentabromophenyl Methacrylate

Karla Sarić ; INA-Research Institute, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Zvonimir Janović ; INA-Research Institute, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
Otto Vogl ; Polytechnic Institute of New York, Brooklyn, New York

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The free radical terpolymerization of styrene, acrylonitrile
and pentabromophenyl methacrylate in dimethyl formamide solution
was investigated. Polymerizations at low conversion yielded
terpolymers that showed good agreement between experimental
and theoretical composition data, calculated from the Alfrey-Goldfinger equation. Relationship between the monomer feed and terpolymer compositions are presented on Slocombe's traingular
coordinate graphs. By using a computer program the lines of unique composition and binary azeotropic composition were identified.
The azeotropic ternary point was determined at a molar ratio for styrene/acrylonitrile/pentabromophenyl methacrylate of 0.28/00.33/0.39r,espectively. The experimental results of the terpolymerization agreed well with the tneoretical curves over a
wide range of monomer composition up to high conversion. The
influence of pentabrome phenyl methacrylate on the thermal
and flammability characteristic of the terpolymers is described.

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