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Configurational Statistics of Poly(acrylic acid)

Milenko B. Plavšić ; Belgrade University, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, P. O.Box 494, YU -11001 Betortuie, Yugoslavia

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Space-configurational features of atactic poly(acrylic acid) in
unperturbed and expanded states were analyzed in terms of the
extending and coiling tendency of the backbone bond rotational
states. Conformational energy calculations were performed for
dyads using semi-empirical relations and the statistical analyses
using statistical weight matrices U' and U" for respective dyad
skeletal bond pairs reduced to the 2 X 2 order. Agreement with
the experimental values of the characteristic ratio C = «r2)o/
/nl2) = 6.7 was obtained for 'yj = 0.3 ± 0.1 and co" = (0.8-2.2), 'yj
expressing the preference for t over the g state and co" being
a second order parameter for interactions of pendant groups.

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