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Radiotracer Probing of Solute Transport at Solid/Solution Interfaces in Equilibrium Systems

Z. Kolar ; Interuniversity Reactor Institute, Mekelweg 15, 2629 JB DELFT, The Netherlands

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str. 549-554

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In a system consisting of solid in equilibrium with its solution there is a bidirectional transfer of material (solute) across the solid/liquid interface. By means of radioactive tracers and using compartmental analysis the information can be obtained pertaining to the number of material transport routes in such a system and their extent as well as to the quantity of the herein participating material. The possibilities of this approach to the evaluation of solute transport at solid/solution interface are illustrated by utilizing the results of radiotracer studies of ion transport in two kinds of aqueous systems. One containing asingle crystal of CaF2 and the other being a suspension of crystalline particles of CaS04' 2H20.

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