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Small Clauses with the verbs doživjeti ‘experience-perf’ and doživljavati ‘experience-impf’

Matea Birtić orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje
Ivana Brač orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje

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The paper analyzes a syntactic construction with the verbs doživjeti ‘experience-perf’and doživljavati ‘experience-impf’. Similar constructions are well recorded and described in Croatian and international literature. Verbs doživjeti and doživljavati can evoke a prototypical transitive structure, but can also be accompanied with a third complement which, according to the approach selected, is analyzed and termed secondary predication, predicate instrumental, predicate expansion or is together with an accusative nominal analyzed as a small clause. The instrumental nominal or adjective is sometimes considered as parallel to the kao-phrase (‘as-phrase’). The paper first provides Croatian literature on the topic, thereafter follows a survey of international literature, mainly based on generative tradition. On the basis of presented literature and our own research we have concluded that (a) a second and a third complement with the verbs doživjeti and doživljavati (in some cases) can be analyzed as a small clause, and that (b) small clauses with a predicate instrumental and a kao-phrases are possibly not identical structures.

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verbs <i>doživjeti</i> ‘experience (perf.)’ and <i>doživljavati</i> ‘experience (impf.)’; small clauses; predicate instrumental; <i>kao</i>-phrase; anaphora

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