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Functional tests for evaluation of work

Lj. Jovanović ; Odeljenje za medicinu rada 0pšte bolnice, Smedereoo

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str. 27-46

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From a number of well-known methods in the field of functional examinations the author has selected and described two: one for evaluation of physical fitness and the other for evaluation of the cardiovascular system as regards adaptation to effort. The author has considered both methods with regard to their application in factory health centers and other medical institutions dealing with the problem of evaluation of work capacity. For evaluation of physical fitness Goulenc's test has been used on 1.34 7 workers of the »Mines and Ironworks« enterprise in the town of Smederevo. The results obtained are presented indicating a new method for professional selection of employees. The other, Schelong-test, has been used as complementary method for evaluation of work capacity and for examination of the adaptability of the cardiovascular system. Besides the two tests mentioned a number of other tests has been applied to the same factory workers, but the author's intention has been to describe only those which are of practical importance for evaluation of work capacity of workers performing hard work in inadequate working conditions.

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