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Measurement of Magnetic Field in Dentistry

D. Buković Jr.
V. Carek
D. Đurek
Ti. Kuna
J. Keros

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str. 85-89

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The principal objective was to measure the magnetic fields occurring in dental surgeries
at simultaneous subtraction of direct ground component of the magnetic field. A
specifically designed instrument with the Hall probe was used for the measurement. It
consisted of two amplifiers and a low frequency filter. Its task was to measure mean
square values of the field (RMS) dependent on the position in space. Qualitative and
quantitative analyses of the investigated variables enabled making conclusions about
the magnetic fields in dental surgeries. A number of studies have shown that many dental
instruments produce radiation with magnetic field higher than 40 G, at a significant
decrease in power of the magnetic field with increasing distance from the source. It
has also been reported that instruments of older generations produce stronger magnetic
fields than do the new ones.

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