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Towards a Critical Edition of Marulić’s Croatian Verses: Judita as Road Map

Bratislav Lučin orcid id ; Književni krug Split - Marulianum

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The paper shows that the first edition of Marulić’s Judita (1521) can be a useful aid in the editing of other Marulić poetic texts written in Croatian and extant only in manuscript copies. The premise of the paper is that the first edition is the best approximation to Marulić’s Croatian autographs, which have not survived. This proposition is backed up with data from the paratexts of Marulić’s Latin editions and from Marulić’s letters, which clearly show that the Latin editions are composed and corrected from the writer’s autograph; by analogy, this can be concluded for Judita. The colophon of the first edition of Judita shows that the role of Petre Srićić in this edition was editorial, meaning that in Venice he took the typesetting in hand and probably the proofreading as well. In the second part of the paper, there is a detailed depiction of Marulić’s usus scribendi, that is, of the orthographic, linguistic and metrical properties of Judita. The many consistencies in the first edition confirm that Marulić possessed at least a partially established orthographic and linguistic system and that he abided consistently by some principles in his versification. In part three examples are taken from various poems extant in manuscript copies to show that Judita can be a useful editorial road map. In principle, it has to be assumed for other Croatian verses of Marulić that in the autograph they contained the same practices that we find in Judita. From such an assumption the editorial procedure derives: it cannot be a mere transcription of the text in a manuscript, but should aim rather to restore the Marulić manner of writing known to us from Judita. Part four of the paper offers some preliminary remarks to a critical edition of two texts that are printed in the appendix (Prikazan’je historije svetoga Panuncija and Utiha nesriće / Miracle play of the history of St Panuntius and Consolation of Misfortune).

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critical edition, Marulić’s autographs, Petre Srićić, Judita incunabulum, usus scribendi

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