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Preventive Sealing of Dental Fissures with Heliosil: A Two-year Follow-up

Z. Rajić
Z. Gvozdanović
S. Rajić-Meštrović
I. Bagić

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str. 151-155

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Due to their shape and configuration of dental crown, especially its biting surface
with numerous pits and fissures permanent molars are suitable sites for retaining food
remnants and bacteria. For this reason, preventive efforts and early prophylactic procedures
should prevent the development of caries at these critical sites. Deciduous and
permanent teeth of 300 children aged 6–7 years with healthy parallel teeth were included
in the study. Fissure sealing was performed on one side, whereas contralateral
teeth served as controls. During a two-year period, control examinations with finding
recordings were performed every six months. During the two-year follow-up period, the
sealed teeth remained free of caries as long as the coating persisted. In deciduous teeth,
the sealant was first observed to be missing at 18 months in 5%, and at 24 months in 8%
of the teeth. None of these teeth was affected by caries, suggesting that a part of the sealant
was retained in the fissures. In permanent teeth, caries developed in 18% of the
sealed teeth at 24 months.

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