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Health professions and health promotion: challenges in health and wellbeing among elite athletes

Joca Zurc orcid id ; Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, Maribor, Slovenija

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Background: promotion of health is the fundamental strategy for controlling risk factors of unhealthy lifestyle and consequently improving health of individuals and society. Health professions play a leading role in this process.

Aim: the purpose of our empirical study was to gain an insight of the role of health professions in health and wellbeing of elite athletes. The research was based on the empirical qualitative phenomenological approach, wherein we examined life experiences of best female gymnasts and their participation in this elite sport.

Methods: semi-structured interviews were carried out on a sample of 37 female gymnasts (26 active, 11 retired) and four of their coaches. Interview transcripts were analysed by the qualitative content analysis method.

Results: results showed that the process of participating in elite female gymnastics has consequences on the gymnast’s physical and mental health, it affects the abuse of painkillers, lack of education, sacrifices, and negative behavioural patterns in adulthood after finishing a sports career. The stated consequences are generated by verbal and physical violence of coaches, interests of the society over the interests of the athlete, and no professional nor personal support during training and competition. These experience of gymnasts were confirmed by the opinions of their coaches.

Conclusion: the study provided important insights in the possibility of new quality approaches to the development of talented children in elite sports, in order to avoid possible risk factors and to ensure safety, health and wellbeing of every child.

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nursing, physiotherapy, health education, health promotion, elite sport, wellbeing of athletes

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