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Distribution and elimination of polonium

D. Đurić ; Institut za medicinu rada SRS, Beograd
M. Kilibarda ; Institut za medicinu rada SRS, Beograd
D. Panov ; Institut za medicinu rada SRS, Beograd

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str. 317-324

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After a brief review of the physical and chemical properties of polonium, the principles are presented of the analytical determination of this element in biological material, and in the urine in particular. Literature data on the distribution and elimination of polonium, both those published before the Second World War and the most recent ones, are reviewed in detail. So are the results of the studies on the binding of polonium in the blood. Special attention is paid to the possibility of using the analysis of polonium in the urine of the miners exposed to radon as the indication of their exposure to this gas in uranium mines. The authors point out that this assumption is supported by the results they obtained by analysing about 300 urine samples taken from miners in a Yugoslav uranium mine.

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