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Mobilisation of Men, Horses, Cattle and Vehicles in the District of Dubrovnik in 1914

Tado Oršolić orcid id ; Zavodu za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska
Dino Nekić

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Upon the proclamation of a state of war in 1914, general mobilisation was carried out in the Dubrovnik District which, besides the military forces and conscripted soldiers, included logistic support and supplies without which the troops could not act effi ciently in long-term war operations. This article is based on the archival sources housed in the State Archives of Zadar, in the archival fond Tajni spisi c. k. Dalmatinskog Namjesništva (1814-1918). The bulk of the material pertains to the mobilisation of the Home Guard (Landsturm), volunteers, horses, cattle and vehicles (carriages, wagons, motor vehicles) in the District of Dubrovnik during 1914. Having analysed the documents from the mentioned fond, the authors have reconstructed the mobilisation procedure in the municipalities of the District of Dubrovnik which, like in the rest of the Austrian provinces, was carried out according to the Military Law of the Dual Monarchy, in that the civil authorities of the district and the municipality showed utmost strictness in performing the tasks dictated by the military authorities. The analysis of archival sources casts ligh t on various social and economic features of the District of Dubrovnik on the eve of World War I, providing a specifi c inventory of cattle, horses, motor vehicles, and other means of transport.

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District of Dubrovnik, 1914, mobilisation, World War I

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