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Antler tools from the site of Jakovo-Kormadin from the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Vedrana Krištofić

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This analysis includes material from the site of
Jakovo-Kormadin which is kept at the Archaeological
museum in Zagreb. The finds discussed
here were discovered in the first, non-systematic
excavations carried out at the site at the beginning
of the 20th century, and were obtained by the
Museum during several years of research (1902-
1905). A review of the material revealed 217 finds
made out of antler, which have been analyzed
from a technological and typological aspect. The
sheer amount of these finds in the material as a
whole (almost 40%) points to significant use of
this raw material for tool production. We should
emphasize the presence of raw material, production
waste, and half-products in the studied material,
which speak in favor of the existence of a
workshop at the site, as indicated by the results of
bone industry analysis from the 2008 excavations
of the site.

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Jakovo-Kormadin, the Vinča culture, Neolithic, antler tools, typology, production techniques

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