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The Vinkovci treasure: results of the preliminary analysis of a hoard of silver items from late antiquity

Šime Vrkić
Goran Skelac

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The paper is a report on the results of the preliminary
analysis of a hoard of silver items from the
late classical period, dubbed the Vinkovci Treasure.
The hoard was discovered on March 23rd
2012 during rescue excavations at the site Duga
ulica 26 in Vinkovci (known as Cibalae in classical
antiquity). The hoard consists of 45 silver items
and semiprecious stones. The silverware set consists
of platters, pitchers, bowls, glasses, spoons,
a strainer, perfume box, candelabrum, etc. The
total weight of the silver items is 38 kilograms
(84 lbs.). The most prominent finds are three
luxurious items adorned with figural decorations
inlayed with niello and gilding: a large platter
depicting a pastoral scene, a smaller platter
with a hunting scene, and a decorative bowl with
a figurine of Tantalus, an inscription, and a frieze
depicting scenes from Greek mythology. The last
bears the engraved name of Master Antoninus
of Aquileia. On the basis of their shape and form
of decoration, most of the items can be approximately dated to the middle of the 4th century AD.
The hoard is most likely linked to the hectic final
quarter of the 4th century, when various barbarian
hordes sacked cities in southern Pannonia after
the Battle of Hadrianapolis in 378.

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Late Antique hoard, silverware, platters, Cibalae, Pannonia Secunda, Aquileia, Valentinian I.

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