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Digitalisation of the archaeological field documentation of the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

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Archaeological research most often results in
large quantities of material in the form of text,
photographs and drawings. These materials
have, up to recently, not been available in digital
form, and contain key information on the
location of sites, determined archaeological constructions
and mobile archaeological findings.
As this kind of material is highly susceptible to
degradation and ruin, ensuring the protection
of archaeological field documentation should be
the mail goal of every institution that is in charge
of its storage and archiving. Digitalisation procedures
allow for the long-term achievement of
such goals, as they provide the guarantee that
archaeological field documentation, as an important segment of archaeological heritage, will
remain preserved and available for a longer period
of time. Likewise, it provides easier access to
digitalised content, the possibility of connecting
this content with other forms of digital information
and the opportunity to utilise it in different
manners, all in accordance with the current possibilities
and the future development of science
and technology.
However, the storage of the greater part of such
materials is not provided for by standard museum
holdings and digital archives, which represents
a challenging obstacle to achieving its
long-term preservation and accessibility to professional
and scientific processing. Therefore the
purpose of the proposed procedure is to create
a clear model for the digitalisation of materials
collected through field research and to organise
it into a coherent database, i.e. a digital archive
organised in accordance with contemporary approaches
to archaeological and digital data.

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archaeological field documentation, digitalisation, filing, storage

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