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Communication Strategies and Branding Attempts of Selected Countries Created upon the Disintegration of the Former Yugoslavia

Božo Skoko orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet političkih znanosti, Hrvatska

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This article analyzes the attempts of four countries created upon the disintegration
of the former Yugoslavia – Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and
Serbia – to use communication as a tool for establishing themselves as distinct travel
destinations and for creating attractive brands in the international political and economic
markets. The paper focuses particularly on the analysis of the communication and
promotion approaches, and concepts and strategies used by these countries in terms
of the processes behind the aims outlined in the preceding sentence. The level of
success of each country, as regards the subject matter of this article, is determined for
the purpose of the analysis in question, by the best known brand perception surveys.
The paper also analyzes the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the context of the newlycreated
countries’ attempts to establish themselves internationally and compares their
approaches to developing their brands and the models they are using for it. The
countries in question are focused on tourism promotion. In these countries we see a
tendency towards ignoring other aspects of branding. None of the analyzed countries
have introduced the systematic management of their brands due to the fact that the
process of brand development is obstructed by unresolved political issues or a failure
of their politicians and ordinary citizens to understand the advantages of branding.
Slovenia, according to the criteria used in this analysis, has adopted more efficient
practices than the other three countries covered in this paper but it is important to
stress that Croatia ranks first when it comes to tourism branding. The paper suggests
that the importance of country branding has not yet been fully appreciated in Croatia,
Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and that no integral branding concepts
are being used, despite sporadic attempts undertaken by the mentioned countries.

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country, branding, public relations, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia

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