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The influence of science–industry collaboration on firms’ innovative performance – evidence from the Republic of Croatia

Mirjana Jeleč Raguž orcid id
Nihada Mujić Mehičić

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The theory of National Innovation System emphasizes innovation
as a source of economic and productivity growth and stresses the
importance of collaboration between science and industry. The
basic objective of this paper was to research whether there is an
interaction between Croatian companies and scientific institutions,
and whether it affects an increase of innovativeness of economic
entities. The results of the performed empirical research and their
econometric analysis indicate a conclusion that a positive impact of
the collaboration on intensity of innovation in Croatian companies is
still absent. The results indicate that the system of innovation in the
Republic of Croatia, when compared to developed countries, is still in
a transition and that commercialisation of academic knowledge is a
phenomenon paid somewhat greater attention only recently.

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Science; business; collaboration; innovativeness; Republic of Croatia

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