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Tea Schnurrer-Luke-Vrbanić

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Th e objective of this review is to present outcome measurement tools for chronic musculoskeletal
pain in rheumatology patients and to provide an overview of local pharmacological pain treatment.
Reliable and valid assessment of pain is fundamental for both clinical trials and eff ective pain management. Th e
complex nature of pain makes objective measurement impossible. Evaluation of chronic musculoskeletal pain and its
impact on physical, emotional, and social functions requires multidimensional qualitative tools and health-related
quality of life instruments. Th e main recommendation concerning outcome measurements of pain is that they should
include an evaluation of pain, fatigue, disturbed sleep, physical functioning, emotional functioning, and patient global
ratings of satisfaction and quality of life. Despite the growing fi eld of new instruments and publications related to measuring
the various aspects of chronic pain, there is still little agreement on the topic among researchers and clinical
experts and no unifi ed approach has been adopted. Th ere is still considerable need for the development of a core set of
measurement tools and response criteria regarding chronic pain management.
It is well known that pain in articular joints and soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system represents the most
common symptom presenting to rheumatologists. Th erefore, local pharmacological pain tretment has an important role in rheumatology treatment algorithms. Topical administration, as well as injection administration in joints and
soft tissue trigger points, can be done under the control of musculoskeletal ultrasound. Th e most frequently prescribed
drugs include NSARs and corticosteroids, with their eff ectiveness being well-proven in evidence-based practice.

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Rheumatic diseases – complications, diagnosis, drug therapy; Musculosceletal pain – diagnosis, drug therapy, etiology; Pain measurement – methods; Surveys and questionnaires; Osteoarthritis – drug therapy; Adrenal cortex hormones – administration and dosage, therapeutic use; Anti-infl ammatory agents, non-steroidal – administration and dosage, therapeutic use; Hyaluronic acid – administration and dosage, therapeutic use; Administration, local; Injections, intra-articular

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