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Autoimmune diseases and primary immunodefi ciencies share a common pathogenesis characterized
by dysregulation of immunity. Although most autoimmune diseases show a polygenic inheritance pattern, it has been
shown that monogenic defects of various immune system components could lead to autoimmunity as well. Th ese fi ndings
have opened a new pathway for understanding the development of autoimmune diseases and the overlap between
immunodefi ciency and autoimmunity. Th e mechanism of how a single gene defect leads to autoimmunity is not completely
known. Th e purpose of this clinically-oriented review is to describe the incidence, clinical presentation, and
possible mechanisms of autoimmunity in patients with primary immunodefi ciencies relevant to rheumatologists.

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Immunologic defi ciency syndromes – classifi cation, complications, diagnosis, genetics, immunology, therapy; Autoimmune diseases – etiology, immunology; Infection – etiology, immunology; Biological therapy

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