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Marija Jelušić
Marijan Frković

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Primary systemic vasculitides in children are relatively rare diseases. In most cases, they have an unknown
etiology and are defi ned as the presence of infl ammation in the blood vessel wall. Establishing the diagnosis of
vasculitis is oft en challenging, since the disorder is multisystem in nature with mostly nonspecifi c symptoms. Th e last
10 years have seen signifi cant advances in the fi eld of pediatric vasculitis: the development and validation of classifi cation
criteria as well as tools to assess clinical disease activity and disease outcome, the inclusion of pediatric patients in
international multicentre randomized controlled trial designs for therapies of vasculitis, clinical trials for very rare
pediatric vasculitides, and identifi cation of a special group of monogenic vasculitides. In this paper we want to introduce
readers to the giant leap in the fi eld of pediatric vasculitis as a result of the hard work of pediatric rheumatologists
in vasculitis work groups.

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Vasculitis – classifi cation, diagnosis, etiology, therapy; Child

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